LYN: (To Bob) "I know that you're involved with someone. I tore up the letter.
(Angry and hurt) Who is it? Is it that check-out girl at the Health-Mart? I should've known you couldn't have that many Aikido classes each week. Who is it?!!
(Subdued, sad) Oh I can just imagine what she's like. If she knows Aikido, she probably knows the Kama-Sutra. You're probably having this great tantric sex thing.
(Bitter) I'm sure she's more evolved than I am, isn't she? More centered! Isn't that their big thing, centered-ness?
(Takes karate pose) I wish I'd been taking Karate classes; I would love for these hands to be weapons. She probably has time to make good money and to meditate. Don't tell me her tofu tastes like lasagna. She knows what shape face she has and where she's going and how to get there neatly. Feel free to interrupt me at any time."