"They're insisting that I take 'em some place to get goose bumps.  They wanna see what it feels like.  I think we should take in a playI got goose bumps once that way.



On the way to the play, we stopped to look at the stars. And as usual, I felt in awe. Here, gimme your hands.  Suddenly I burst into song; "AWE, SWEET MYSTERY OF LIFE AT LAST I FOUND THEEE…"












And then I felt even deeper in awe at this capacity we have to be in awe about something.  And I
became even more awe-struck at the
thought I was in some small way a part of that which I was in awe about.


And this feeling went on and on and on and onMy space chums got a word for it, 'awe infinitum'.  'Cause at the moment you are most in awe of all you don't understand, you're closer to understanding it all then at any other time. And I felt so good inside, my heart felt so full, I decided to set time aside each day to do 'awe-robics'."




(Wraps panty hose around neck with flourish)

Panty hose!  Makes
a excellent
theatre cape.