"Tina, Tina, hurry. Hurry, Tina, fifty each. He wants you, too!"


"You're the second guy this month wants to take out trade in this bizarre fashion. Last one was more normal. He ended up wanting my life history and a blowjob."
"What you said before -- you wasn't interested what's between my legs, huh?"
"Just my life history?"
TINA: (Leans in, sarcastic) "I got news, what's between her legs is her life history."


"I know about life. I'm out here on the streets living it on a gut level basis. People tell me things. Forget it. Things they don't tell to people they're close to, because... (Shrugs) I don't know, but they tell me and I tell them because people don't want sex as much as they want somebody who'll listen."

"Me and Brandy are phasing out this genital jive. We got entrepreneurial plans, telephone sex, reach millions. No germs and no hand-to-hand combat. Brandy, let's stop for a chocolate soda."