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All Detergent 1966
Northern Tissue 1966
Special K 1967
Vicks VapoRub 1967

The Gary Moore Show

The Starlet 


Video Clips

Music Scene 1969
Busy Woman on phone
Lucille the Rubber Freak

Laugh-In 1969-70

Rowan & Martin introduce Lily, 1969
Fast Talker
Ernestine calls Mr.Veedle
Mrs. Beasely
William F. Buckley
Carrie Nation
with Alan Suess



Appearing Nitely 1978
Seven Free Women and Rick


The Cher Show 1975
Adam & Eve
Bus Stop
Ernestine gossips with Cher
Fast Talker
Blind Date





Sold Out 1981
Tommy , Lily, Ernestine & Liberace
Tess, Jane Fonda, Dolly Parton
"Born Free" musical extravaganza
Lily shot out of a cannon