Tina speaks:



"Alright now, Trudy, don't mess with me. I am coastin' on my own chemistry, and I am volatile, baby. I woke up today I felt like I had had brain surgery done over my entire body. I'm thinkin' half the damn day, "What chemicals did I take to make me feel so wrecked?" And then I remembered, I hadn't taken anything. Here I was trying to blame a drug for what it feels like to be straight."


"Trudy, Trudy, I am seriously thinking of doing the detox trip again. I've never been so high as in detox. Those chemicals, before they leave your bloodstream throw quite a bon voyage party."

"You put too much stress on the human body, baby, it simply rebels."


"Yeah, that's the first thing you learn after fellatio is how to listen."

"Me and Brandy are phasing out this genital jive. We got entrepreneurial plans, telephone sex, reach millions. No germs and no hand-to-hand combat. Brandy, let's stop for a chocolate soda."