Marge speaks:


LYN: "Edie, Marge called. She wanted the boys to spend the weekend again. I had to say 'No'. She just drinks too much. I think Bob is right. She does a lot of coke and then she drinks to take the edge off."


LYN:" Oh, Edie, women don't want to fight. Right, Marge?"
MARGE: "Hell, no. We'd rather sit around in a circle and process?"


"Edie, I knew that my plant shop was the right place for the weddingÉthe perfect metaphor for growth and nurturance."


"Oh, Edie, oh God, I knew that she was in pain...Bob, something terrible, Marge is dead. She's hanged herself. They found her hanging from a macramé planter. What do you mean, how? I guess she took the plant out and put her head in!"


MARGE: "How come I never meet a guy like that?"
EDIE: (Making pool shot)" Because you go to the disco instead of the TM Center. You have 'heterosexual damage', sis. I mean, all that Ortho-Novum is bound to seep into your bloodstream."


"Fix me a drink, make it a stiff one. (Reacts to his disapproval) Oh, c'mon, you two, don't give me that look. I've discovered a great medical cure for sobriety - alcoholism!"