Edie speaks:

LYN: "Edie works for a liberal left newspaper.
She writes a column, "Boycotts of the Month."

"They fired my radical ass. I'm back working on my book, "What's Left of the Left"."

LYN: "Hey, hey, whatta ya say, ratify the ERA.
What a night that was... "Women's Strike for Equality." 1970.
My best friends Edie and Marge and I were there that August, marching with 50,000 others down Fifth Avenue. We thought we were going to change it all. "The power of our Sisterhood. Oh I feel such a rush of positive 'woman-energy'."

EDIE: "Women's lib stands for liberation, not libido. What good is it, sis, to have sexual freedom, if you become a slave to it? Marge, you've got COSMO damage."
LYN: "At least Marge has figured out from those women's magazines what shape face she has, Edie."
EDIE: "So she can apply make-up to overcome flaws? That's what these conscious-ness raising, self-exami-nations are all about. I look at my self... I don't see any flaws."

MARGE: "She wears camouflage fatigues all the time."
(To EDIE) "Honey, you couldn't be more anti-war, but if it weren't for army surplus, you'd have nothing to wear... I'm not exaggerating, Lyn. Edie was in my shop in that camouflage get up - I almost watered her."

EDIE: "Hey, sis... water this..."
(Raising her arms)

"What is that? - - Spanish Moss?"
LYN: "Hair under the arms! Edie, you're probably on some F.B.I. list of the politically dangerous."
"How did you manage that much growth? I mean, the Women's Movement is still young."

"Ah Edie, next to you, Bob is the truest feminist I've ever met. He's the only man I've ever known who knew where he was when Sylvia Plath died."


"Pam and Edie are having a baby. Artificial insemination. They used a turkey baster, then they just let nature take its course."

"So, did the Sisters see Billie Jean bust Bobby Riggs's chauvinistic butt or what?"

"Can you believe Henry Kissinger saying, "Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac"? The bombing in Cambodia shows what it takes for him to get it up."