"Lyn, Bob and the twins"

LYN: "At some point, they looked at one another, realized that there were two of them and only one of me. It got so bad, I'd brew up 'Sleepy Time' herb tea, pour it over ice, serve it in Spiderman glasses. "It's a new flavor Kool-Aid." Imagine my guilt as I watched their little heads nod out.

One rainy day I stayed home from the office, sick. They were unusually hyper.
(To twins) "Do you want mommy to teach you a new game?

I actually dragged them out to my car through the pouring rain, put them in the back seat, "Stay there and play car wash."

"Oh, Hildy was no help. She let them get away with murder. I came home one day to find her stretched out on the floor, motionless. I feared the worst. Suddenly, they leaped out, jumped on Hildy, marked her earlobe with a magic marker. Turns out, they were playing, "Wild Kingdom." Hildy was an elephant dying of thirst. She had to be tagged and moved to a waterhole."