TRUDY: "This set us waxing philosophicAll this searching, all these trances, all this data.  And all we really know is how little we know about what it all means.  Plus, there's the added question of what it means to know something.
They said to me, "Trudy, we see now that intelligence is just the tip of the iceberg.  The more you know, the less knowing the meaning of things means.  So, forget the "meaning of life." I didn't tell them, of course, I had.
See, it's not so much what we know, but how we know and what it is about us needs to knowThe intriguing part, no matter how much we know, we still don't know where did the desire to want to know come from?  Aw, don't look at me, this is the way they talk.
We know a lot about the beginnings of life, biogenesis.  So what?  What's more impressive is that from biogenesis evolved life forms intelligent enough to think up a word like `biogenesis'."

So, no matter how much we know, there's more to knowing than we could ever know.

Even Sir Isaac Newton... secretly admitted to some friends he understood how gravity behaved but not how it worked!  

The operative word here is what?  Apple!  Who said, `Soup'?

We're thinking maybe the secrets about life we don't understand are the 'cosmic carrots' in front of our noses that keep us going.  So maybe we should stop trying to figure out the meaning of life and sit back and enjoy the mystery of life.  The operative word here is what?  Mystery!  Not meaning.  This should be comforting, especially to those who think life is meaningless. Looks like it just might be.

And, yet, if life is meaningless, this is the greatest mystery of all!!!!  And, the more meaningless, then the greater the mystery.  But if all of this is meaningless, then why the hell bring up the subject?  If life is meaningless, this discussion is even more so.  This is so typical of what I do.


I feel like a mammalian-brained lunkhead.  Aw, we thought about all this, but not for long.

It's disappointing, but no matter how expanded your mind gets, your span of concentration remains as short as ever.